In under 10 business days, create customized campaigns to activate at retail, events and/or sponsorships; capture consumer data; reward customers/staff;  create user generated content, etc. 



Monitor your campaign in real-time and gain deep insights into usage levels, geo-location activity, device information, winner identities, and more.



The Contest System is a customizable SaaS platform built to scale for any size program and work with any front end design. Full compatibility responsive designs for all devices and all screen sizes.  



Receive customized real-time reports to see only the data you need in the format you want OR  login into the live dashboard to see all the data in one place.


Built with Enterprise Banking Security methodologies and vetted by several financial organizations and third party security and vulnerability sources, The Contest System was built for today's data security requirements.



Simply, we are trusted by North America’s leading brands to help them engage their audiences and activate their campaigns.

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The Contest System Can Help

Our platform makes it easier, quicker, and more affordable for you to create, execute, and fulfill contests, sweepstakes, and promotions. It enables you to engage with your consumers on their connected device — smartphone, tablet, PC — wherever they are — home, retail, events, stadiums/arena, social sites, etc. It provides a single point of reference, a system of record for all of the entries, statistics, engagement information, and campaign data. And it allows you and your team to connect the dots.

Even better, The Contest System is completely customizable so it your brand is alway well represented. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf templates however because it’s platform, you benefit from our the best practices and key learnings from hundreds of programs that have run on the system to date. We can can work with your existing infrastructure and processes – the tools you have today. Our platform is fully mobile and always on.

It’s not just about more metrics, better analytics and data (though we do that too!). It’s about connecting with your audience using innovative engagement mechanics that work.

The Contest System was built by a team of experienced marketers, technologists, and promotional experts who saw the need to offer a better, more efficient, secure solution given the market demands. Our team has seen technology fail in the field and specifically built this cloud-based solution so it’s alway on and easily accessible from any connected device.

Explore the The Contest System platform features or schedule a demo to see how it can help you today.

Contests Are Due For A Revolution

The days of building expensive contest microsites that are used for only 4-6 weeks, and never reused, are over. We know that your time and budget is limited, your plate is more than full, and the expectation to deliver is on the rise. 

The need to find more opportunities to engage your audience one-on-one, acquire their personal data, offer greater value, monitor consumer behaviour, and create greater loyalty to drive sales — and to do this in a fun, captivating way — is increasing.  

In addition, you have to contend with today’s time-starved, mobile connected, socially-savvy consumers who are craving instant gratification, and are looking for discounts, experiences, and rewards in exchange for their loyalty, personal information, product purchases, app downloads, friend sharing, branded content consumption, and survey responses, etc.

Instead of a singular focus on building a winning brand you’re deep into developing engagement programs and building new, expensive unproven technologies from scratch hoping that they work once launched.